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Ford Racing began over 100 years ago on simple dirt tracks; today it has transformed into a legendary name throughout the performance world. Ford Racing provides high-quality performance parts that include: crate engines, air and fuel components, chassis and suspension equipment, valvetrain components, and interior/exterior dress-up accessories for superior styling. These components are built from superior materials and the majority of them are track-tested on NASCAR series, World Rally, and NHRA cars to guarantee the ultimate in Ford Racing performance.

Team C Performance carries performance parts from Ford and their Ford Racing division such as Ford Racing Engines, Brakes, Ford Cylinder Heads, Valve train Components, Drivetrain, chassis and suspension equipment to help take your car to the next level.

  • Turbocharger & Supercharger Turbocharger & Supercharger

    Nothing increases power on your street Mustang like a supercharger! Ford Racing Kits have thousands of hours on the engine dyno in climate-controlled temperature and altitude testing, as well as on-road validation and durability. Ford Racing Superchargers are street-legal and emissions certified: The most proven, engineered, and reliable units... period.

    50 State Legal. Unlike the competitors, all Ford Racing Power Upgrade Packages are 50 state emissions legal.

  • Engine Cooling Engine Cooling

    Keep your Ford machine cool with factory engineered cooling system parts, Factory designed to keep your temperature gauge in the cool range. Remember the cooler the engine the more power you can make!

  • Crate Engine Crate Engine

    At Ford Motor Company, "Quality is Job 1" and that extends to every facet of the business, including crate engines from Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP). Ford Racing crate engines are built with quality components, undergo rigorous testing both on a dyno and at the track, and are assembled to exacting tolerances.

    FRPP crate engine begins with many new components, including rods and pistons, cylinder heads and the finest gaskets and seals available. Only after everything has been assembled to Ford's strict standards does an FRPP crate engine earn the right to wear the Ford oval.

    To help illustrate the FRPP commitment to excellence, we walked through the crate engine assembly line to showcase some of the many steps that FRPP engines go through to ensure that customers receive one of the highest quality crate engines on the market.

  • Air Filters and Cleaners Air Filters and Cleaners

    Ford Air cleaner assembly, Air cleaner fastener or Air Filter will keep your car or truck engines clean. which means more money in your pocket. These filters/Cleaner assemblies are factory engineered to drop right in your vehicle.