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Top-Quality Parts in Los Angeles from a Leading Automotive Performance Company

Holley Performance Products is an automotive performance company based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Holley was one of the major producers of carburetors being supplied as standard equipment on many Detroit-built automobiles. They later manufactured carburetors for V8 street and racing applications such as the Holley "double pumper," and now they produce quality parts such as Holley fuel injection and other Holley performance parts.

Holley carburetors have powered every NASCAR Sprint Cup team and NHRA Pro–Stock champion for four decades. These series have clung to the carburetor long after car manufacturers have switched over to fuel injection. Holley performance products include fuel injection, performance fuel pumps, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and engine dress-up products for street performance, race, and marine applications. Among the company's owned divisions are brands such as Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS), Weiand, Hooker Headers, and FlowTech.

Leading Ignition Components for Your Los Angeles, CA Auto Parts Shop

The Holley ignition product line includes performance auto parts you can depend on. Our catalog consists of boost control solenoids, distributors, engine control modules, ignition coils, ignition wire harnesses, sparks, and spark plug wire sets.

If mechanical issues have hampered your ignition system, purchase a crank trigger kit to replace worn out or damaged components. Sparks and ignition coils have a limited lifespan, and mechanical and electrical stress take a toll, over time, but these can be easily replaced with the auto parts sold on our secure online shopping system. A new installation will get your ride revved up again in no time.

We Supply Holley Fuel Injection Parts Throughout Los Angeles

From standard carburetors to custom auto parts built for performance, you can count on Team C to provide what you need. Don’t overspend on parts you don’t need. We can provide carburetor accelerator pump covers, pump arms, nozzles, screws, O-rings, springs, adapters, and bowl cover gaskets if all you need are smaller replacement parts or to add to overall automotive repairs.

Purchase a carburetor choke pad, choke cap, float, or diaphragm to add to your array of high-performance parts. To optimize your shop inventory, our carburetor accelerator pump tuning kit or carburetor carrying case would be just the car accessories for your stock performance parts.

Engine and Other Car Parts for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

Sensors, gaskets, pulleys, manifolds, and an array of other engine parts are available to complement your high-performance Holley fuel injection components. To find Holley performance products and U.S.-based support for your automotive parts needs, contact us online or at 1-888-866-3555.

  • Ignition Ignition

    Holley Ignition parts provide all the pieces you need to make your ride come to life. From ignition coils to crank triggers, Holley has it all to make you ride move and sound the way it should.

  • Fuel Delivery Fuel Delivery

    Holley provides any and all necessery hardware be it a carburetor jet, float, gasket you name it! Also applies for Holley EFI systems. Is one stop shopping at Holley for your induction needs.

  • Engine Engine

    From intake to oil Pan assembley as well as everything in between, Holley provides the finest products to make your wheels perform on the street or at the track, Or maybe just want to make it look cool under the hood. Either way you can't beat Holley to get it done!