Aeromotive is the by-product from generations of blood, sweat and tears that has shaped their knowledge and experience. Their commitment to develop the pinnacle of performance products comes from their history, their real world experiences and their passion. That’s why you will see them at the track, driving their cars, testing their products, learning from their peers and living the industry the love.

Performance means reliability, longevity and durability. This is the philosophy they used to build the Aeromotive brand & its products.

  • Regulators Regulators

    The same standards and processes that go into developing Aeromotive pumps are used for all of their products, including their regulators. Precision engineering and integrated proprietary high quality materials provide superior durability and the kind of control an inferior design can’t match. Each regulator incorporates a convoluted diaphragm utilizing proprietary elastomer materials. AeroMotive’s material and poppet design is unique to each individual regulator. These designs maximize piston stoke and optimize flow without stressing the diaphragm. Area of the poppet, pressure range and flow requirements are critical when deciding on the proper spring rate and orifice size to satisfy the specification we design to for all of their regulators. This translates to precise fuel pressure control for your specific application.

  • Fitting Fitting

    The first time you hold an Aeromotive fitting in your hand you will realize that all fittings aren’t the same. The exacting standards, tolerances and engineering that go into our state-of-the-art fuel pumps are used on all of their products including our fittings. True billet, CNC-machined aluminum, more area and smoother transition from inlet to outlet creates less restriction and more flow with less of a chance for turbulence. Designed to AN and MS specifications, their fittings not only look and perform better, they will also survive the harshest environments.

  • Filters Filters

    Variety, quality, unmatched performance and finish leave all other filters in the dust. Don’t trust your investment with any other filter. AeroMotive’s fuel filters aren’t just better on the inside, they are arguably the most appealing filter in the industry on the outside. Machined out of Aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy and precision coated with your option of bright dip red or black anodize, hardcoat and even a nickel plated finish in AeroMotive’s Platinum Series.