High-Performance Auto Parts Available Now in Long Beach, CA

Team C Performance Center is proud to offer the best of performance car parts from MSD, a leading name in ignition and other components for casual drivers, racers, and all other customers.

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We’re one of the best-equipped car performance shops in Long Beach. Research and a constant drive for development keep MSD on top of the game. From mounting brackets to alternators, to starters, to the MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger, everything you need to spruce up your engine and ride is available in one comprehensive online catalog.


MSD Car Parts for Sale in Long Beach, CA

We offer many categories of performance parts, each accommodating the needs of auto enthusiasts in terms of performance and price point. MSD offers the power and technology enthusiasts look for. Our categories include:


Lighting and Body Parts

At the forefront of the lighting and body category is the MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger. It features four magnets within an aluminum trigger wheel, which pass a stationary non-magnetic pickup, secured by an aluminum MSD mounting bracket. The slotted pickup can be adjusted for timing. An interaction between the magnetic and non-magnetic components triggers the ignition.


Other MSD ignition system parts in this category include wire harnesses, alternators, brake launch controls, coil current boosters, and data acquisition modules. Also, shop for an ignition coil set and related parts such as coil wires, interface modules, and control modules. You can also find a conversion kit for a complete ignition overhaul.


Ignition Parts

You don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade your ignition. The Street Fire CDI Ignition is a cost-effective option. Drag racers can pick an MSD 8 Plus ignition system or the 7AL2 or 7AL3. A range of distributorless ignitions is also available, while the 6Hemi ignition accommodates Mopar enthusiasts looking for performance parts affording the rush they long for.


Ballast resistors, distributor ignition pickups, drive gears, spark plugs, clamps, reluctor rings, and O-ring kits are available to help you cruise a little faster. We also offer magneto assemblies, vacuum advances, module hubs, and revolution limiters so you can customize your vehicle’s ignition to exact specifications.


Fuel Delivery Parts

Order a fuel filter, hose, fuel pressure regulator, or complete fuel injection system to maximize ignition system performance. Fuel pumps, driver modules, pressure sensors, and voltage boosters are also stocked. Order an upgraded throttle body assembly or maximize your vehicle’s versatility with an RPM module selector. Fine tune the air/fuel mixture and distribution among engine cylinders with an MSD annular ring from Atomic EFI.


Electrical Charging and Starting Parts

Order newly built, hand-assembled DynaForce starters and alternators. We also supply a full range of other electric components and accessories. These include fuel pump voltage boosters, fuel shutoff solenoids, idle air control motors, ignition coil wires, intake manifold gaskets, oxygen sensors, pin connectors, and sealed electrical connectors. From starter relays to timing controls, to tachometer signal pickups and more, Team C has all the parts you need to get your ride up to speed.


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Browse our catalog of MSD ignition and other auto parts, and order online or call for support at 888-866-3555 today!